What we really do?

We offer a complete solution e-shop environment where every verified person or company can create their own e-store and sell their used event equipment and it all comes with added value.


Our Vision

We want to grow our marketplace into the largest sales channel for used event equipment in all of Europe. We have developed different marketing methods for this and we treat each country separately.


History of Beginning

uMarket was developed from 2019 to 2020 and finally opened at 2021 by the Estonian company called Event Center OÜ, who has been successfully operating in the field of event equipment rental and sales since 2003.

How we started?

As the experience of the Event Center team with technology dates back to 2003, we saw an opportunity to help individuals and companies create a pleasant e-shop environment where it is possible to sell their equipment with the help of specialists.

How can we help you?

Our team consists of 10 specialists in their field, who have been extensively exposed to a wide range of equipment, including sound equipment, lighting equipment, video equipment, stage equipment and special solutions. We can help you rate your equipment, capture it and market your equipment in many different social platforms.

Our focus

In today’s world, all commerce has moved to the internet and e-shops are taking over this field completely in the coming years, so we have set ourselves the goal of creating and marketing across Europe through all possible social media platforms and visits in each country.

Cooperate with Us!

By working with us, you can get rid of your used equipment faster, which has been liquidating you for years and has lost its value during this period. We are ready to start cooperating with you immediately!

What can we do for you ?

One of the main activities of our company is also the evaluation of used equipment. We can offer it as a remote service based on the details you provide or by coming to you.

Our professional team can answer to your technical and specific questions any time. Just leave us a message and we will find a quick solution for you!

uMarket won’t do any trades between the vendors. This means that you can sell and buy equipment by yourself  and we don’t take any fees from your sales. Our responsibility is to offer you professional and safe web Vendor Marketplace.

We’ve considered all aspects of successful sales by providing additional services on our site, distributing newsletters, and sharing your listings in social media.

To ensure the security of our community, we use professional identifying systems to identify individuals and companies. This guarantees you a secure marketplace for any deal!